About Telly Chicago

Born from many, many stroller walks along Lake Michigan in blustery Chicago, Telly created a line of fun, funky and fuzzy accessories for children and women. All of Telly's products allow moms and kids to subtly express their style while staying warm and dry. With Snuggle Me stroller blankets, Eskimos Kisses nose wipers and Messy Me burp cloths, Telly offers fun, yet sophisticated accessories for cool kids and their funky moms.


Telly is a mom and knows what modern moms like most — high quality, well-designed stylish products. With the gift of sewing machine when her first son turned one, Telly decided it was time to replace the pastel stroller blanket and cloth diaper shoulder pads. After working 10 years in design and advertising production, Telly knew there had to be a better way. She wanted reliable products that more reflected her style — smarter, hipper and more sophisticated! After many variations, Telly arrived at clean, simple designs in fabulous patterns. Today, all Telly products are proudly manufactured in Chicago.

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